Meet Rebecca Marshall-Howarth, the Face of The Last Word

When I was in the eighth grade, my fellow classmate, Janet Lawless, and I created a newsletter called the Fussbudget Gazette that highlighted news about our families and friends. The name of the newsletter was in reference to Lucy VanPelt from the Peanuts comic strip, who demonstrated time and time again that she was a fussbudget. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in communications.

Throughout high school and college, I wrote for local newspapers and resurrected my college literary magazine, Hemetera. I was a communications intern for Mass Mental Health while studying for my undergraduate degree. I was hooked!

After graduating, I followed my passion for communications, leading marketing communications efforts at Raytheon, Data General, EMC, Invensys, and the MIT Energy Initiative. During my successful career, I focused on a variety of vertical markets, including high-tech, manufacturing, process control, energy, healthcare, banking, and insurance.

Most recently, to further that passion for communications, I have refocused my energy and efforts by starting The Last Word, a full-service marketing communications company that helps both small and large businesses effectively communicate their value to their customers. According to my late husband, The Last Word is a perfect name for my business, considering how I strive to perfect copy and messaging, and of course, also considering my outgoing personality.

For the small business, The Last Word works as an "as needed" marketing communications department, working with a network of seasoned professionals to design and print or post marketing materials. For larger businesses, The Last Word augments existing staffs during overload times, providing that oh so important "extra set of eyes." For all customers, I bring a fresh perspective on a company’s communications efforts and a wealth of experience gleaned from my successful 30-year career.

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