Five Reasons for a Small Business to Hire a Professional Content Writer

Way back in 1996, Bill Gates said “Content is King.” Even the great Bill Gates did not know how important content would become twenty years later. The current content marketing movement and the constantly changing social media algorithms have made his words ring even truer.

Bill Gates employed a room full of content writers across the country and around the world. That way, he could focus on what he does best and not have to worry about developing content. Clearly, a small business does not need a room full of writers, but you do need a content writer on an as needed basis to focus on promoting your business. Bringing in a content writer when you need one will allow you to focus on your business – your expertise – which is the best use of your time.

Just being seen is so much more complicated than it has ever been. You need a website. You need social media presence. You need to be seen in so many places. How do you decide? And you want to assure that you are high up on a list when someone does a google search. All of this is overwhelming and it is not what you do.

The good news is that you do not have to hire that room full of writers, or even one full-time content writer. You can outsource writing to a freelance content writer who specializes in promoting small businesses on an as needed basis. 

Five Reasons

Here are five reasons to hire a content writer. The writer will:

  1. Create a plan and produce content on a regular basis – consistency and repetition are important; writing or posting something occasionally will have no impact at all
  2. Help you navigate the many places where content is seen—from blogs to brochures, presentations to press releases, and websites to white papers
  3. Research your business and provide a different point of view; that “second set of eyes” is oh so important
  4. Provide expertise in grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as content; assuring that you are seen as the expert you are
  5. Lift your reputation and social media engagement

The Last Word can be your as needed content writer. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and analysis of your current marketing materials.