Ten Differences between a Blog Post and an Article

I was asked to write a blog post for a client, but when I submitted the post, it became apparent that they really wanted an article. They really didn’t like the casual style.

To compromise, we have a blog section in their website. I’m writing short, non-conversational articles that we’re calling blogs. But, in real life, here are the differences between a blog post and an article. 

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Blog Post


Mostly your own opinion

Your opinion not allowed

No interviews or research

Interviews and research from credible experts and research firms



Tips and general information

Explanations, analysis, and/or visuals.

Picture or Meme

Graphs and charts

Created to get the audience to know you

Created to foster thought leadership

Between 300 – 500 words

Between 1,500 – 2,000 words

Built around SEO keywords

Keywords not important

Good spelling and grammar optional

Spelling and grammar are impeccable

Casual writing style

More sophisticated writing style