Three Step Process for Success

Step 1: 30-Minute Review
Tell me about your customers, goals, and your business and I will match this information with an effective, cohesive Marketing program.

In this free 30-minute review, I will evaluate your current Marketing materials and will make recommendations about your program going forward.

Step 2: Proposal of Work
When you decide to work with The Last Word, I will:  

  • Make an in-depth content assessment – a gap analysis -- of your existing promotional material identifying gaps and redundancies
  • Work with you to identify and analyze your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Determine the right combination of materials for you – from printed to online to Social Media
  • Provide a quote and a deliverable timeline

Step 3: Implementation

  • Build and implement your Marketing Communications program
  • Create new copy or edit existing copy
  • Proofread all content
  • Work with graphic and web designers and printers to deliver your promotional material